· PYRATES smart fabrics is a high-end performance streetwear brand and a smart fabrics supplier ·

· behind PYRATEX® smart fabrics and the brand PYRATES is a burning desire to make clothing a support for innovation and wellbeing ·


our story

PYRATES smart fabrics was born with the goal to find a fashion solution to the health and environmental challenges of our time. led by millennial Regina Polanco, PYRATES’ mission materialised into a range of nature-derived smart fabrics: PYRATEX®.

with a desire to spread innovation, the start-up created performance streetwear brand PYRATES, as well as supplying  its smart fabrics across the fashion industry. 
natural meets functional
PYRATEX® fabrics are functional and non-synthetic, enclosing natural active fibers with proven health and well-being enhancing properties.
tradition meets innovation 
it all became possible when a traditional Italian cashmere weaver accepted the challenge to develop a fabric using a natural smart fiber, developed by PYRATES and never-before used in textile. 
from Europe to the world 
the concept was born in the innovation-driven city of Geneva, materialised thanks to Italian and Spanish fabrics expertise, and raised in Berlin, home of fashion-tech. the team is now based in the vibrant city of Madrid, but the mission is ambitious, and the outlook global. 

11 · 2017

Participation at the Web Summit Lisbon pitch contest

09 · 2017

winner of the AVANTEX pitch challenge in the category Materials & Components

07 · 2017

Winner of the Premium Young Designer Award: activewear category

06 · 2017

Look Forward Fashion Award Nominee

Winner of the Look Forward Fashion Tech start up contest

01 · 2017

Fashion Fusion finalist

4-month program in Berlin organised by Deutsche Telekom, Adidas and Intel gathering the most promising European Fashion-Tech start-ups